Limited edition bronze, ‘Boxing Hares’, a collector’s item: edition sold out


We apologise but this limited edition is now sold out.

The sight of hares boxing in Spring—leaping and chasing in seeming abandon—is unforgettable, and this rare early morning spectacle is captured by wildlife sculptor Michael Simpson in a single, powerful limited edition bronze—and this is the very last bronze in the edition, a collector’s item indeed.

Simpson has portrayed the hares in mid-box, a typical moment in time—one springing high above the other in a performance that is not only spectacular but entirely natural—and the hares are rapt in their mutual aerobatics. For a long time it was thought that boxing was confined to males; closer observation has revealed that usually a female is involved, perhaps to test a potential suitor’s determination.

Simpson, an accomplished international sculptor in bronze, has long watched the wild hares in his home country, the Staffordshire Potteries, and here his artistic eye and skill have combined to capture the action in one of our wildlife’s most fascinating scenes. The bronze stands 5 in (100mm) tall and 4in wide (120mm) and it is both an elegant and an impressive piece, and of course the last of its edition.
Boxing Hares’ by Michael Simpson. Last in limited edition: No 198 of 200.

RRP £195. CCUK £135. Free UK mainland delivery. One only.

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