Bronze fox sculpture: a miniature masterpiece

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It is that time of year again—a freshness in the air, a faint golden tinge to the countryside colours—and soon all who enjoy Surtees will be recalling Jorrocks’s immortal phrase, ‘Shiver me timbers, the dahlias are dead!’ heralding a new hunting season. What better time to enjoy our new miniature fox in bronze, ‘Charlie’.

This miniature masterpiece shows a fox in typical arrested motion—leg raised, alert, scenting the air for food, danger, a vixen … ? Created by experts Butler & Peach in the same way as a large bronze, this is a beautifully sculpted wild animal in every detail from snout to brush. It will give pleasure to all who know and love foxes—timeless, ageless, it is the perfect gift for all foxhunters, from the MFH, huntsman and thruster to the ‘road, gate and gap brigade’, the sporting parson and every aspiring Lucy Glitters, as well as for all collectors of miniature works of art.

Each miniature sculpture is presented in a cloth pouch inside a smart box. Length 2in (50mm).

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