Fox and Pheasant Limited Edition Bronze: edition now sold out

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We are sorry but this limited edition is now sold out.

A fox flushes a cock pheasant—a moment in time, beautiful and evocative, caught for ever by an artist in bronze. This stirring limited edition bronze is by wildlife artist Michael Simpson.

An accomplished sculptor, inspired by the traditions of his home country, the Staffordshire Potteries, Michael Simpson has a master’s eye for the wildlife he sees around him. Here, he catches the fox springing up to capture its prey, the pheasant feathers caught in its snout—or perhaps the pheasant gets away—the question remains …

This beautiful sculpture will enhance any room—and be coveted by all Nature lovers and sportsmen. The edition is limited to 150 pieces and stands 7 1/2in (190mm) tall. It is 575g in weight.
RRP £175. CCUK £119.