Superb limited edition bronze sculpture, Hare in Flight, by Michael Simpson


That split second when a startled hare takes off is captured in this superb animalier bronze by Michael Simpson. The shape of the hare in flight is glorious, poetry in motion.

And the power of the animal is stunningly beautiful: the engine room, those huge back legs and massive haunches, powering it to speeds up to 45mph, faster than any other British mammal; and the streamlining of the front end, the outstretched neck and narrow, torpedo-shaped head, ears flattening, eyes starting. This is all-motion, all-function, beauty at its most natural—this is an animal to whom speed is the difference between life and death.

The spirit of the hare is here in its wild, natural glory, and Simpson has created a spectacular animalier bronze which connoisseurs of fine art, as well as wildlife, will value as a family heirloom. Limited edition of 50. Length 31cm. Height 24 cm. Weight 6kg.

RRP £1,495. CCUK £995.


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