Superb limited edition bronze: Salmon Pair, by leading wildlife sculptor Keith Sherwin


The thrilling spectacle of two Atlantic salmon leaping up the falls on their way home to spawn creates a fine piece of art which will magnetise a salmon fisher, and all who feel passion for the mystery of the salmon. The piece is a fine limited edition bronze by Keith Sherwin, entitled ‘Salmon Pair’. Sherwin has portrayed his two Atlantic salmon leaping in harmony upstream—a scene, once witnessed, never forgotten. This is one of Nature’s highlights, and one of this country’s natural wonders.

Only one in 10 of the salmon which hatch in their home river are likely to survive to reach the sea, and only four or five in a hundred will ever return: the salmon pair portrayed by Simpson in his sculpture are heroic. They have spent anything from a year to several years in their deep-sea feeding grounds before feeling the urge to make the long journey of several thousand sea miles to return to the rivers of their birth. How do they find their way home? The answer is not clear, and still puzzles scientists and fishers alike. Perhaps they are guided far out at sea by the stars, and when they near the coast, by a chemical memory that lets them home-in on their native river. Once here, they do not eat, using their last remaining resources of strength to battle back up the rivers whence they came so easily downstream, this time against the current, and up the mighty waterfalls which thwart their passage. Simpson has captured the two salmon at the precise moment when, having built up speed in the pool, they leap from the water. Will they make it this time? The sculptor poses the unanswered question.

Any salmon fisher would place this bronze in pride of place in his home or office, to remind him of autumn on a salmon river—and to inspire him with the salmon’s supreme courage and endeavour. This superb bronze is in a limited edition of 150, a substantial piece weighing 665g, standing 19cm high and 11cm wide. It will make the gift of a lifetime—and any self-respecting salmon fisher can surely devise a reason for giving it to himself.

RRP £245. CCUK £179. Free UK mainland delivery.