Limited edition large bronze boxing hare: In Morning Mist: Edition sold out

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The sight of wild hares boxing in Spring—leaping and chasing in seeming abandon—is unforgettable, and this rare early morning spectacle of exuberance is captured by wildlife sculptor Michael Simpson in a single, powerful new limited edition bronze, In Morning Mist.

This is a bronze which demands attention. Simpson has captured a hare in mid-box, alone—with no other hare to divert the viewer’s gaze; as such, the focus is on the single individual, whose actions seem infinitely balletic and beautiful. This big wild hare, caught in the middle of a battle for supremacy, seems to embody stature, power and passion yet also vulnerability. It really is a stunning piece.

Simpson, an international sculptor, has watched the wild hares in his home country, the Staffordshire Potteries, all his life. Here he has used his artistic eye and knowledge of Nature to capture the action, and also the personality of his subject. The viewer just has to keep looking at this hare, and from every angle it is superb.

It stands 1ft 3in (38cm) and weighs 2.35kg, an impressive piece which can literally dominate a room. It is in a numbered limited edition of only 75, and our Members will enjoy an exclusive preferential price.
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