To book, call Member Services on 020 7399 2960 SHANGRI-LA at The Shard boasts arguably the best views of any hotel in London, with 360-degree vistas of the capital from just about everywhere. It is so spectacular that to stay here makes any occasion more memorable, and your own room or suite provides a luxuriously desirable space from which to survey your kingdom below. Certainly your head will be up in the clouds, both figuratively and literally. Occupying floors 34 to 52 of The Shard, famously the tallest build- ing in Western Europe at 1,000ft, the five-star Shangri-La Hotel is all about experiencing this tremendous view in style. Few hotels in the world can offer anything like it. The beauty of this vantage point is that, unlike cities in which skyscrapers are commonplace—so you might be looking into somebody else’s office or condominium—rel- atively low-rise London is laid out beneath you, so you have a clear view of the city and its finest landmarks spread out below your feet. Seeing the familiar from this unfamiliar height adds extra frisson to a stay, making this a destination for celebration. Whether you swim in the infinity pool on the 52nd level, or relax in your elegant room or suite looking out through the vast panes of glass, or enjoy gourmet cuisine in your prized window table in the restaurant, this is a go-to destination to experience the heart of London from on high. High in the sky above London, noting historic landmarks while relaxing in five-star comfort A Superior Shard double room: Rates here for our Members start at £336 plus VAT instead of the usual £436 plus VAT or more: you save £120. Gong Bar is also the highest location for afternoon tea. No better view than this to enjoy one of our national institutions. 94