The aim: find the perfect luxury cruise to escape the British winter; with turquoise seas and sun-kissed days; with free flights; free shore excursions; free quality wines and gourmet food. And here it is: the Caribbean with Regent Seven Seas: you save £3,000 each, even on entry-level suites: And if you opt to cruise the Pacific instead you will save up to £6,600 each: enjoy! TotheCaribbeanin February,on‘theworld’s mostluxuriousship’ 132 PICTURE the scene: it is February and the skies over Britain are grey. It is dark by four o’clock, bitter winds are blowing, rain threat- ens—but here you are with your favourite person, cruising on the world’s most luxurious cruise ship, with all the luxury of a six-star ho- tel around you, strolling the palatial rooms, drinking your (compli- mentary) Champagne, all in the warmth of the southern seas. Each day brings new pleasures on this, the perfect cruise ship, with the perfect itinerary for a Caribbean cruise: green volcanic islands peering from clear turquoise waters; gleaming white, sandy beaches; lush rainforests bursting with wildlife; coral gardens filled with bright-coloured fish; small settlements with pink bougainvillea-clad houses; a golf course overlooking a beautiful horseshoe bay. The sun dips into the ocean, a large red ball. Behind you, your magnificent private suite glows pink. It contains all you could wish for. Press a bell and your personal butler arrives with more Cham- pagne, or your favourite cocktail, with fresh and delicious canapés. You are, after all, on a six-star cruise aboard Regent Seven Seas Explorer, named ‘the most luxurious cruise ship in the world’—and you flew to board her on a complimentary British Airways flight. All you had to do was choose whether you wanted the 14-night cruise, leaving in February, or the 10-night voyage in December. We are delighted with our CountryClubuk arrangement with Regent Seven Seas Cruises, set up so that you can benefit from ex- clusive Club rates which save you, as a Member, up to 49%—and which translates to substantial savings of thousands of pounds. If an ocean cruise is the way to see a great many wonders of the world at your ease, and in a short space of time—then Regent Sev- en Seas is the way to see them with elegance and style, taking ad- vantage of all-inclusive rates which give you complimentary flights, excellent wines, fine food in speciality restaurants, six-star private suites with balconies and multiple free top-grade shore excursions. And to give you some idea of what luxury means for Regent Seven Seas Explorer’s guests, on her graceful walls hangs an art collection including not one but two original Picassos, a Miro and a Chagall. Regent Seven Seas is the cruise line which invented ‘all-inclu- sive’ and has won every accolade: Best Luxury Cruise Line 2018; Best Luxury Cruise Operator 2018; Best Small Ships 2018; Best for Accommodation 2017; Best for Luxury 2017; Best for Excursions 2017; and a host of other awards far too numerous to list here. Regent have among the very highest crew-to-passenger ratio, the most spacious, relaxing accommodation, cuisine so haute it is heavenly . . . and they are totally, generously, no-holds-barred all-inclusive—meaning everything, from unlimited free shore excursions in all ports of call, to return flights, which may be Business Class on some cruises, to excellent wines and spirits, and more. And you receive your exclusive Club rates for every cruise, either across the world or across the Channel. These cruises give you the pleasures of the world in comfort and safety, with none of the associated hardships of attempting to reach multiple destinations by other means. So, where to start? OurMembershavecruisedtheMediterraneanonExplorer,pro- nouncing the experience ‘perfection’; other Members are cruising in the footsteps of Rudyard Kipling and Somerset Maugham from Singapore to Burma and Bangkok; another cruise is taking our Members to the eastern Caribbean, through the Panama Canal, across South America to Peru, ending with a train ride to Machu Picchu. So now, what about cruising the Caribbean in February, or December, in a style which surpasses the norm by a very long way? As with so much about Regent Seven Seas Cruises, the choic- es are great, the ambience is elegant and relaxed, with freedom to be yourself. So if it is your pleasure to enjoy a glass of chilled Champagne with canapés on your private balcony each evening as the sun sets over yet another beautiful seascape, consider it done: a bottle will arrive, on ice, at the appropriate moment. Whole Maine lobster and Alaskan king crabs? Fresh truffles and foie gras? Caviar with your scrambled eggs? All are yours for the ordering—and for Sunday brunch the caviar and Cham- pagne bar awaits. Private dinner for two in your suite? Certain- ly: any time of the day or night. Roulette? The casino is open for play. Whisky and cigar? Time to visit the Connoisseur Club. Golf? Bocce? Tennis? Cabaret? A good book or film? Swim- ming? Sunbathing, iced cocktail to hand? All are at your disposal—and there is no need to worry about carrying a wallet on board ship; it is all taken care of. Fares in- clude all drinks, meals and speciality restaurants, excellent wines and premium spirits; return flights and transfers; vast numbers of free shore excursions (which with other cruise lines can really add to the costs); all onboard activities including guest