282 INSTANT PAN-FRIED FOIE GRAS Foie gras is one of the most sublime foods in the world, and we are delighted to have delicious new supplies from the leading Strasbourg producer, which make serving finest pan-fried goose and duck foie gras incredibly quick and easy. It comes from Georges Bruck, and is created for the chef (or budding chef) with an instant gourmet dinner in mind— even two-Michelin-star chefs use this foie gras. The Strasbourg chefs have expertly prepared high-quality foie gras lobes which are then flash-frozen and heat-sliced into 20 perfect portions. The foie gras retains its structure as well as its fresh taste, so it reduces very little in the cooking. Simply pan-fry in a medi- um-hot pan (no fat needed) for about 45 seconds on either side, and you have a perfect seared foie gras starter. Each thick slice is enough for one, and you can re-seal and store the rest in the freezer for several months. It arrives in a frozen 1kg pack of 20 portions of 50g each and is kept in a freezer until need- ed. Goose. Code GF 17KG01. RRP £110. CCUK £79. Duck. Code DF17KG01. RRP £88. CCUK £59. Malaysia, and Maniguette, or Guinea Pepper, was discovered on the western coast ofAfrica, along the edges of the Gulf of Guinea. The combination is very fine (picture above). Weight 500g. Code FG15WH 01. RRP £88. CCUK £45. SUBLIME TRUFFLE HAMPER That addictive, luxurious taste—which creates instant gourmet cuisine out of everything from spaghetti to scrambled eggs—is eye-wateringly expensive in shops. But we have arranged a Club Truffle Collection with the top London supplier to leading chefs, who demand premium quality at ‘trade’prices. So even a couple of the products here retail for the price of the whole collection. The truffle products in our collection include Black Truffle Pâté, Black Truffle Sauce and White Truffle Sauce, all by Elle Esse, together with Infused White Truffle Oil, Infused Black Truffle Oil and White Truffle Honey, all by Trivelli. The ultimate fresh white truffles added to extra virgin olive oil create the White Truffle Oil (250ml), similarly with Winter Black Truffle Oil (also 250ml). This is not the same as ‘aroma-only’ oils, which are cheaper because the flavour is nowhere near as intense. Next comes Black Truffle-infused honey (110g), almost a miracle food— the man who combined them is a ge- nius. The rich, thick honey is infused with black truffles and the combination is ambrosial, with cheese or on toast. The truffle pâté (500g) and the truffle sauce make a simple meal sublime. In fact, this collection makes any meal sublime, and is a discerning gift for a food lover—in- cluding yourself! Code TC18WH01. RRP £200. CCUK £89. Our supplies of fresh truffles, black and white, arrive every week direct from Italy. To check current wholesale prices, please call us on 020 7399 2960. FOIE GRASAND CHAMPAGNE Time to celebrate: the Rougié foie gras with peppers and Champagne is a per- fect delight. For this recipe, the foie gras is left to mature in Champagne with two aromatic types of pepper—Sarawak is pepper which originates in the heat of