PrivateClub THE Saint James Club in Paris extends to our Members the benefits of private membership at its historically important, extremely chic château in the heart of Paris. For business meetings in Paris, the venue and ambience could hardly be more impressive. For pleasure, this superb château behind an almost regal gated entrance, surrounding its guests in antiq- uities and silk furnishings, leaves you in no doubt that you are in one of the world’s most culturally stimulating cities. Far better, we think, to be enscon- ced in one of France’s historic monuments, treated as a VIP guest with special privileges, than to stay in a ‘normal’ hotel. The Saint James is part of French history. It was built in 1892 as the nation’s memorial to Adolphe Thiers, President of the French Republic, which ac- counts for its opulence, its large, secluded walled gardens, and its prime location near the Arc de Triomphe. Thiers was a leading politician. He played a decisive part in the July Revolution, and in 1871 he effected peace for France with Germany, after which he was elected President. Now, set as it is in the heart of a very different Paris, a dif- ferent atmosphere reigns at the Saint James. A grand sweeping double staircase begins to set the tone, rich splashes of red carpet mingling with crystal SaintJames,yourexclusivechâteauclubinParis chandeliers, leather and dark woods to create an elegant and sophisticated ambience. Yet this is no stuffy gentleman’s club. It has a certain je ne sais quoi, not to mention joie de vivre. Or, as some would say, a frankly British humour. For the main lights are a ‘chaos’ of chandeliers, carpets are pan- ther and parquet pattern, bowler hats are raised above lights and the garden is filled with giant parasols like hot-air balloons (the park was the site of the early hot-air balloon flights). The effect is of rich Im- perial Napoleon III style leav- ened by light British irony. With its 5,000 square metres, 50 guest rooms, a library bar that is one of the most exclusive and sumptuous in Paris, a gourmet restaurant and a spa, the Saint James is five-star in all senses. The library bar and din- ing room are for the private use of Saint James club members, reciprocal members, residents and their guests, and not open to the public. In such a magnifi- cent, enjoyable setting, we think this is the ideal home- from-home for our Members at work or play. If you are in Paris on business, there are full ser- vices (including wireless Inter- net throughout) and you can entertain your most important guests here: like perfect hosts, the Saint James staff really do know how to take care of you. Our Members receive complimentary reciprocal membership of London Clubs and others in Paris, Edinburgh and SouthAfrica, where our Safari Club awaits. The usual membership fees would add up to well over £5,000 138