CHERISHED OBJECTS HUNTERBOOTS The new Balmoral Adjustable Neoprene boots from Hunter’s Field Collection, handcrafted high-performers—comfort- able enough for walking 10 miles through the heather, warm enough for standing long hours at a peg. The 3mm neoprene lining is the secret weapon here, making this boot an easy- going front-runner for warmth and com- fort in the field. Code BN15HB02. RRP £150. CCUK £109. Pictured with the new Windsor Extended Peak, a rather refined wool tweed cap by Christys’ & Co. Code WE01CC02. RRP £47. CCUK £37. Below and on the facing page, Chester Jeffries’ English handmade leather shooting gloves in highest-grade water-repellent leather, lined with silk. Code SG02CJ01. RRP £79. CCUK £59. This page, the top- class Malton cartridge belt holds 25 car- tridges, 12g or 20g. Code CB01CE05. RRP £129. CCUK £89. 21