WHOLE FOIE GRAS EN GELEE, GOOSEAND DUCK The rich, meltingly luscious taste of foie gras en gelée entier is a speciality to savour, especially when the best quality foie gras is complemented by Madeira aspic, made by Georges Bruck of Strasbourg, who have been producing fine foie gras for a century and a half. Choose from goose or duck (in the glass jar, right): both are 100% foie gras, cooked so it can be spooned from the jar and served on toast or brioche. For the goose, the best quality livers have been gently cooked to perfection in Madeira wine jelly—a perfect pairing. Rich, buttery and delicate, this is the height of in- dulgence—a smooth, rich, creamy foie gras with the wine aspic adding a hint of rich fruit flavours. It is perfect alone, served with a fruity chutney and French bread, or as part of a recipe. The whole duck liver has been similarly cooked, again with Madeira. Both keep for up to a year in the fridge, making an excellent standby for unexpected dinner or lunch guests, and a discerning gift. Foie Gras Entier en Gelée, 2 x 180g jars: Goose: Code GF02KG01. RRP £178. CCUK £79. Duck: Code DF02KG01. RRP £143. CCUK £79. For an indulgent treat for one or two, the 50g jars are perfect to keep in the fridge. Six x 50g jars. Goose: Code GF10KG01. RRP £116. CCUK £79. Duck: Code DF10KG01. RRP £98. CCUK £68. GEORGES BRUCK FOIE GRAS Delicious Bloc of Goose Foie Gras by Georges Bruck of Strasbourg has the fine flavour of truffle; it is fully cooked, and perfect for parties, on canapés, or as an instant gourmet starter. With sub- tle truffle flavours complementing the smooth and fine taste of the foie gras, this is a taste sensation. If you enjoy foie gras, it is a ‘must-have’in the store cup- board. Serve with fine wine or Cham- pagne as a canapé or with brioche as a starter. Place in the fridge for a couple of hours before you need it, then remove it around 15 minutes before serving. Georges Bruck Bloc of Goose Foie Gras with Truffles, 2 tins x 145g. Code BB17 KG01. RRP £130. CCUK £87.And then there is Bruck’s premium quality goose foie gras without truffles—silky, buttery and utterly divine, it will bring out the gourmet in everybody. Serve with warm, crusty bread or brioche and sip Sauternes or Tokaji to balance the creamy texture. Bruck Bloc of Goose Foie Gras, 2 tins x 145g. Code BB17 KG01. RRP £100. CCUK £67. For differ- ent weights and more foie gras, call 020 7399 2960 or visit countryclubuk.com. PIGEON, FOIE GRASAND CHERRIES This terrine is one of Rougié of Strasbourg's oldest and most delicious recipes. The subtle combination of rich pigeon and foie gras with Morello cherries is a gastronomic delight which will be savoured by all who try it. The terrine includes large pieces of pigeon and a delicious centre of smooth, sublime foie gras, giving it a superior and authentic appearance and taste. It is very fitting on a wintry night with good port and a roaring fire. It weighs a full 1kg, serving about 10 people, and is so easy to prepare: simply slice and arrange. It keeps well. Code PT01WH01. RRP £60. CCUK £39. DUCK WITH CHESTNUTSAND WINE Delicious chunks of duck, laced with chestnuts and wine—this is another superb ter- rine from Rougié of Strasbourg. It is a rustic-style, coarse and meaty terrine with out- standing flavour. Perfect sliced thinly as a starter or lunch with salad and chutney, the 1kg terrine (below) serves about 10 people. Code DC17WH01. RRP £45. CCUK £29. 283