Augusta remains one of the toughest tickets to obtain in sport. Even the waiting list to purchase badges has been closed for years. So we are happy to say that CountryClubuk Members have the opportunity to be there at the US Masters Tournament, to enjoy insider benefits and privileges, to be guided on the ground by experienced Augusta specialists, to have the chance to enjoy the most prestigious hospitality in Augusta, and even to play a round or two of golf yourself. This special sporting travel event includes return flights, a three-night stay or more, tickets to the Masters Final, and other days, just as you wish. This has to be the most relaxing way to see the Masters, and to benefit from our acquisition of the ‘golden ticket in sport’, with exceptional, under-the-radar extras known only to the US Masters cognoscenti USMastersTournament 172 ‘THE most prized, and the most difficult ticket in sport to obtain’, the US Masters Tournament at Augusta is the ultimate ‘must-be-there’ event in golf. This is a course in as beautiful and near perfect condition as ef- fort and money can create. Fiendishly difficult, with lightning-fast greens, Augusta is the most prestigious and enjoyable of golf tournaments, the one the top golfers desire most to win, and the Augusta committee are tireless in maintaining standards and developing natural vantage points for spectators across the course. If you enjoy golf, this is the place to be. It will provide memories for life. And as a Member of CountryClubuk you have advantageous rates and access, to be there in person at the US Masters Tournament, even to play a round of golf at Augusta yourself—including taking shots across that world famous hazard, Rae’s Creek. This is an exclusive CountryClubuk Tailormade ar- rangement, not offered even to the golf-playing fanat- ics. Our experts have vetted the hotels, played the golf courses, driven with our transportation companies, vis-