279 SEVRUGA CAVIAR Of all the caviar sturgeon, the Sevruga (acipenser stellatus) has proved the most difficult to farm, and therefore this caviar has been extremely rare. And as some caviar lovers prefer sevruga to all others, the good news is that Laura King has sourced the gen- uine acipenser stellatus and our Members can now once again en- joy sevruga. The caviar has smaller eggs and a sprightly, salt-sea flavour, with toasty notes and a colour that is dark grey, almost black. The flavour is fine, intense, and delicious, and we are thrilled to have it back, particularly at these exclusive Club prices. King’s Fine Food Sevruga Caviar (acipenser stellatus). 30g tin: Code SC03KG 01. RRP £110. CCUK £39. 50g tin: Code SC05 KG01. RRP £180. CCUK £59. BELUGA TASTER PACK Here is the best way to try the three finest caviars in the world, Beluga, Oscietra and Sevruga: the CountryClubuk Ultimate Connoisseur Caviar Taster Pack. It includes three 30g tins of fresh Beluga, Oscietra Royal and Platinum Caviar with three moth- er-of-pearl spoons in a presenta- tion case (pictured above), and costs only £197 including delivery. It is a valuable, discerning gift— the retail value for this collection is up to £400. The Club’s Ultimate Connoisseur Tasting Pack con- tains Beluga XX (30g), Oscietra (30g) and Sevruga (30g). Code CT17KG01. RRP £353 to £400. CCUK £197. It arrives in a smart box for presentation (if you can bear to part with it). For different weights of individual caviars, see other pages or countryclubuk.com.