Above left: Shimmering high-quality diamonds and an elegant design combine in this beautiful new dia- mond bangle. Diamonds of F colour, and therefore in the top three grades, and VS2 clarity, flawless to the eye, were chosen to create the flashing white fire of this gorgeous 3.87 carat bracelet set in 18ct white gold. It is an elegant and beautiful piece. Code BB01SM16. RRP £10,939. CCUK £4,869. Fully hallmarked in England. Valuation certificate at full retail price, with 100% moneyback guarantee. The Club’s specialist jewellers design stunning pieces for the wrist, from delicate lines of diamonds which create an elegant accent, to geometric motifs and diamond bangles showcasing texture and natural shapes. Each follows the curves of the wrist, producing an eye-catching display of light. Here are three diamond bangle and bracelet designs featuring high-quality diamonds, hand-selected for their fire, life and brilliance. Lower centre:Aspectacular diamond bangle of great beauty and quality. Six carats of dia- monds, F colour—therefore colourless and in the top three ‘collection’grades—and VS2 clarity, which is flawless to the eye, beautifully round brilliant cut, were hand selected to create the white fire and flash in this superb 6.05 carat bangle set in 18ct white gold. It is a piece to treasure and enjoy. Code BB02SM16. RRP £14,565. CCUK £5,979. Fully hall- marked in England. Valuation certificate at full retail price, 100% moneyback guarantee. Radiant with its own captivating energy, this Entanglement diamond bracelet marries our jewellers’met- iculous diamond expertise with an exquisite design. This beautiful bracelet is set with 3.48 carats of round brilliant-cut diamonds the large centre stones highlighted by diamond halos linked by diamond-encrusted chains. The diamonds are F colour, and therefore in the top three grades, colourless so as not to impede their beautiful white fire, and VS2, which means they are flawless to the eye. They are beautifully set in 18ct white gold to maximise that thrilling white flash. Code DB34SM16. RRP £8,499. CCUK £3,995. Fully hallmarked in England, it carries a valuation certifi- cate at the full retail price as well as a 100% moneyback Club guarantee. 55