laxed in atmosphere, profes- sionally yet genuinely expert and welcoming, and to be with- out a care in the world while you savour it all? And without any thoughts to trouble you of how to maintain this grandeur. You simply arrive, and are warmly welcomed—they are not stand-offish or stuffy at Cliveden, despite the grand ap- pearances. If this seems like the good life to you, join the Club! Club Members save an extra 15% on the best rates available to others, with the added bene- fits of a complimentary bottle of Champagne, complimentary full English breakfast and a complimentary room upgrade if available when you arrive. Club rates are from £315 plus VAT for two, including the extra Members’ benefits above. ¶ See also Restaurant feature. and scandal, and now, as one of the World’s Great Hotels, re- stored to full glory, it knows how to behave in the way all truly great hotels should—it gives its guests a personal expe- rience that is simply unrivalled. So it is fair to say that our Members are intrigued—and also delighted—with our Club arrangements with Cliveden. Members are invited to stay and dine in this luxurious Palladian mansion house, grand enough to have been the former home of a Prince of Wales and several Dukes, its house, gardens and estate all now impeccably main- tained by the National Trust. As to be expected, your Club rates are more advantageous than any available anywhere— saving you from £190 per night on the rack rate for a Club Double room and elevating your stay with a chilled bottle of Champagne on ice to set the mood, as well as a complimen- tary room upgrade if available. Moreover, to book a night’s stay in a palatial 60 sq metre Junior Suite, with handmade king-sized bed, period bath- room, spacious sitting room area and lovely views, can save you as a Member over £500. And how enjoyable it is to be a guest in such a magnificent house, to explore its historic se- crets, its fine art, antiques and memorabilia, grounds and gar- dens, take a stroll down to the Thames or swim in that famous Cliveden pool, relax in your room or suite, wine, dine (Michelin star, with a compli- mentary glass of Champagne for our Members) and take tea, with 150 staff waiting on you hand and foot yet totally re- Cliveden House & Spa Taplow, Berkshire THERE are many grand hotels of historic importance in the world, but Cliveden House, Grade One Listed and standing in its own rolling parkland es- tate overlooking the River Thames in Buckinghamshire, must rank among the most sen- sational of them all. Most people have heard how the society hostess Nancy Astor entertained Royalty and the po- litical luminaries of her day at Cliveden, including Winston Churchill. And surely every- body has heard of the Profumo Affair which nearly brought down the Government of Harold Macmillan, inspiring a film and even a West End musi- cal. Without doubt Cliveden has known great power, politics ToCliveden,themostsensationalhotelintheworld 212