Rates start at £290 plus VAT for two: Members regularly save £500 a night: Call us on 020 7399 2960 to book THE Savoy would surely figure in anybody’s list of ‘Great Hotels of the World’ (writes Francis Fulford), not only because of the attention to detail for which it is famous (it makes its own beds, for instance), or for its position overlooking the River Thames, or indeed for its histo- ry and romantic past. Even beyond these things it is a Great Hotel of the World because it is, and has always been, very good at doing what an hotel should be good at doing: giving its guests superlative service. Hotels such as The Savoy are, to my mind, like stately homes: the difference being that with hotels you can walk in any time and enjoy the sumptuous interior decoration, which at The Savoy varies be- tween ‘Art Deco’ and ‘Edwardian Baroque’, while enjoying dinner in the former River Room or sipping a cocktail in the American Bar. The other big difference between hotels and stately homes is, frankly, the food is infinitely better at a good hotel and they don’t charge you an entrance fee to wander around gawping at the marble columns, glittering chandeliers or fantastic ceilings. So we have made arrangements for you to enjoy the full ambience of this marvellous ho- tel at an advantageous price, while indulging in the culinary delights of the famous ‘Art Deco’ River Room, now transformed into Kaspar’s. Club rates start at £290 per night for two sharing a Superior Queen room (RR £750), £345 for a Deluxe King (RR £780), £420 for a Luxury King (RR £900), £655 for a Junior Suite (RR £1,482) and £2,050 for a One-BedroomSuite(RR£3,102).Ourratesarethebestavailableany- where—Members regularly save £500-plus a night and enjoy a compli- mentary room upgrade whenever available. All rates are plus VAT. ¶ See also Restaurant feature, or countryclubuk.com. WhyTheSavoyisoneoftheGreatHotelsoftheWorld LONDON 106