Instant orders: Call 020 7399 2960: Visit for more gourmet food in the Club Larder GOURMET TRUFFLED BRIEAND BRILLAT-SAVARIN Awhole Truffled Brie Cheese on the table creates an exceptional end to a special meal. It tastes simply wonderful, the truffles and cheese a heavenly combination.And this whole Brie is a really ex- ceptional cheese that is in a league of its own. So popular is it that we have added a delicious new truffled cheese, the fabulous Brillat- Savarin, originating from Burgundy. Both these fine cheeses have extremely distinctive flavours, and the truffles enhance them in dif- ferent ways—what a combination for your cheeseboard! The whole Brie de Nagis is produced in the Ile-de-France, home of French Brie, and in style and flavour similar to Brie de Meaux. The Brillat-Savarin is a gorgeous Burgundian cow’s milk cheese named after the French gastronome JeanAnthelme.Additional cream is added as it is being made, creating a rich and supple cheese with a smooth, velvety texture. The truffles sandwiched within both cheeses are Périgord winter truffles, which have the strongest nose and flavour of all black truf- fles. Truffles and cheeses together create a massively aromatic depth. These two great cheeses arrive together, perfectly ripe and ready for you to begin to eat. They also make an excellent gift. Truf- fled Brie: weight about 1.4kg. Truffled Brillat-Savarin: 500g. Both cheeses: Code BC18WH01. RRP £100 or more. CCUK £49. 287