THE ULTIMATE FISH:AWHOLE WILD CORNISH TURBOT Delicious wild turbot is the perfect gourmet fish to serve as a centrepiece at a cele- bration or dinner—Rick Stein, who names turbot the best tasting fish in the world, re- gards it as one of the few fish he would serve as a main course at a banquet. The Cornish coast produces turbot of incomparable pearly white flesh with a dense, slightly gelatinous yet delicate texture that slides off the bone in pleasingly silky flakes. It has a marvellous flavour, subtle and refined. The trick is to cook it gently.A whole Cornish wild turbot (1.25-1.5kg) serves four. It will be gutted, ready to cook. Code TR10QF10. RRP £45. CCUK £33. For larger fish, call 020 7399 2960. HOT SMOKED VAR SALMON Var salmon is the next best thing to wild Atlantic salmon in flavour and texture, the nearest farmed salmon can ever get to wild or ‘free range’—and you can taste the difference. It makes wonderful smoked salmon, as our Members know already (see details, later page)—and here is the outstanding Var Hot Smoked Salmon (above), which makes a marvel- lous centrepiece for a special buffet, a lunch, or starter for dinner. Var is salmon as it should be, the fish served by top sushi and Michelin-star chefs.Again, this sublime hot smoked Var salmon is not available other than to the top chefs. The delicious flesh is firm, not flabby, full-flavoured not oily, sweet not sour, rich, and with a light hot smoke flavour to enhance the natural sea-fresh taste of the VarAtlantic salmon itself—that clean, chemical-free taste that has been off the menu for years, but thanks to Var is now available once again. Minimum 1kg. Code HV17WH01. CCUK £32. WILD DOVER SOLE ‘PERFECT FISH’ Dover sole: golden and toasty on the outside, firm and pristine within, its flesh sweet and delicious. It is the chef’s per- fect fish—and ours are chosen for Mem- bers each day by the marvellous spe- cialists Quayside Fish, who choose the pick of the catch for us—the sweetest, best Dovers weigh less than 1lb, so we will have prime 12oz fish, ideal for serv- ing a whole fish per guest. Dover sole boasts a delicate flavour and a firm flesh, and is the simplest fish to cook— best sautéed on the bone as it is in top London restaurants. This simple but perfect fish makes an impressive, flavoursome main course for any dinner. Our Prime Dover Sole Box comprises six 360g (12oz) whole fish, on the bone as it should be, gutted, with top skin re- moved ready for cooking, individually vacuum packed and sent to Members fresh. Bake, grill or pan fry. Superb. Six 360g (12oz) whole fish. Code DS01QF 10. RRP £70 or more. CCUK £53. 286