Club Members enjoy the finest performances worldwide:Ballet in Paris,Russia and NewYork:Opera in Italy,and more 231 following day, with opportunities to take guided tours of many of the highlights of St Petersburg, we shall be able to explore at will and to dine on whatever we please at some of St Petersburg’s excellent restau- rants—or return to the Grand Hotel Europe for a delectble Russian afternoon tea—or a vodka or caviar experience. And of course St Petersburg is a treasure- house of a city, filled with endless fascina- tions. Our four-day stay will give plenty of opportunity to visit the historic sights—such as the unrivalled bounty of the Winter Palace, the Hermitage collection with its fine art masters (including 24 Rembrandts, for starters); the gold-and-white Summer Palace built by Catherine the Great, and, to get a taste of the mind-blowing opulence of Imperial Russia, take the boat from the Hermitage and motor along the Neva River to Peter the Great’s Grand Palace, Petrod-