280 FINEST WAGYU RIB OF BEEF Lauded as the best beef money can buy, Wagyu holds top spot for many on the list of foods to try. Reason? In two words: fat and flavour. The intricate pat- tern of intramuscular fat that laces through the meat makes it sensationally tender and gives it a taste all its own. It is also good for human health—a per- fect combination. Ours is Members’ favourite from Ifor Humphreys, who rais- es his wagyu cattle free-range on the Welsh hills on a diet of beer, grass and racehorse rations, together with the req- uisite massage which all self-respecting Wagyu cattle require. We all know how flavoursome rib of beef on the bone is— but this finest Welsh wagyu beef rib joint is on a higher plane altogether. This is great beef with wonderful marbling, which creates the succulent, melt-in- the-mouth texture and the rich, delicious flavour.And because Ifor grazes his cat- tle on grass, our Tasting Panel finds that it has an even better flavour than other Wagyu. This is the roast beef to serve! It will give your family and guests a feast to remember—the finest possible beef, as served in Michelin-starred restau- rants—but for you, at a fraction of the re- tail price. Wagyu rib joint, 3.5kg: Code WR17AM01. RRP £199. CCUK £109. Larger rib joints and different wagyu cuts are all available. Call us on 020 7399 2960 or visit countryclubuk.com.