For more information contact: 207 399 2940 All rights reserved - PONANT. Document and photos for illustrative purposes only. Photo credit : © PONANT / Nathalie Michel / François Lefebvre.            PONANT can take you to such legendary destinations as Antarctica, Spitzbergen, the North West Passage, Iceland, Greenland, the Baffin Sea, Alaska, Kamchatka, the Amazon, the Great Barrier Reef, the Kimberley, New Zealand & New Caledonia, the Seychelles... and more! Onboard our intimate small ships experience our discreet service, friendly bilingual staff, refined gastronomy and unique itineraries inaccessible to larger ships. Experience the Ponant Moment with cruises that combine luxury, relaxation and discovery. Discover the Treasures of the World by sea with PONANT. 10:45 am 62° 56’ 27.35’’ S 60° 33’ 19.35’’ W Begin the experience at: