THE MAGNIFICENT MACARON COLLECTION OF 72 These French macarons are delicious: the perfect meeting of meringue, almond and creamy filling. Crisp on the outside, with a soft, chewy centre and luscious filling, made without any artificial colours or flavourings, these are the macarons supplied to the finest London hotels and restaurants, and not available elsewhere. The flavours are gorgeous: dark chocolate, crème brulee, raspberry, passion fruit and pistachio. It is difficult to stop at one, in our experience, so it is just as well that our Magnificent Macaron Collection comprises two boxes, each of 36 macarons—no fewer than 72 macarons in all. This number of macarons would normally cost the eye- watering price of £135 in shops, but Members can avail themselves of these delights for only £49. They arrive frozen, just as they do for the chefs. If you wish to give some as a gift, simply repackage, as they arrive in plain white boxes, ready for transfer to your own bonbonerie. Code SM17WH01. RRP £135. CCUK £49. GREAT TASTE AWARD: THE WINNING PUDDINGS Susan Green’s puddings are phenomenal, winning Great TasteAwards and acco- lades from the Prince of Wales and others. Here are the favourites, in our Connoisseur Pudding Collection, highly recommended by the Club Tasting Panel, who cannot have enough of them! Enjoy a large pudding of each: 1 x Sticky Toffee, 1 x Sticky Ginger, 1 x Marmalade with Orange Liqueur, 1 xApricot withAlmond. Code NP17PP14. RRP £65. CCUK £49.75. For different sizes, call 020 7399 2960. BELGIAN CHOCOLATE FLAKED TRUFFLES Our Belgian Chocolate Flaked Truffles are Members’ all-time favourites. The truffles served in Michelin-star restaurants with cof- fee, they are simply the best—and we are delighted to have arranged exclusively for our Members to enjoy them at a fraction of their value, giving you 1kg of chocolates worth more than £90 for a mere £39 including delivery to your door. They are the top-quality classics: smooth fillings enrobed in finest chocolate, then rolled in chocolate flakes to achieve the look of the earth truffle from which they derive their name. We particularly en- joy the dark chocolate truffles, but milk chocolate and white choco- late lovers are also catered for, each in a separate box of 84 truffles. Because these delicious chocolates are sent only to chefs, they are not available in shops (although we have seen one fashionable and expensive chocolatier sell the truffles under its own label). They arrive in their plain white box, straight from their artisan makers, so if you plan to give them as a present they will need a gift box. Belgian Chocolate Flaked Truffles, dark, milk or white. Weight 1kg (total of 84 truffles). Code BC14WG01. RRP £90. CCUK £39. 288