MustHaves RED HIDE The delightful Georgia hide and leather cross- body in rich berry hide adds Italian flair to any outfit. The hide is luxuri- ously soft and tactile, and the bag is practical and chic.Also in plain black hide or tiger hide (see pre- vious page). Size 19x16x 9cm. Code GC18 BB12. RRP £55. CCUK £33. THE LIBERTY SILK SCARF Our Liberty of London Silk Scarf Collec- tion is magical—and here is the richly gem-coloured 'Jewel': it’s like wear- ing a beautiful piece of stained glass. This archival Liberty scarf design dates from 1966—a time when the vibrancy and extravagance of Liberty scarf prints was already iconic. This print has roots in Nature, his- tory and religion. Within the vintage gem colours there fly a kaleidoscope of butterflies. This is a desirable piece of art and de- sign. The pure silk in- finity scarf is double sided and drapes well. Wear it long and loose, or doubled for a shorter, fuller look.Arrives in a gift box. Code LJ18LC16. Non-Mem- bers £75. CCUK £37. For the full collection, see TAHITIAN BLACK PEARLS Asingle natural Tahitian black pearl is the stylishly simple and ef- fective focus of this contemporary Tahiti necklace and bracelet. This style-defining in-vogue design is the ideal accessory.Aslender circle of Italian silicon ends with a beautifully iridescent natural Tahitian black pearl, combining Italian catwalk style with South Sea Island romance to fabulous effect. With stunning simplicity in form and colour, the design is also versatile, working with everything from the new eye-popping fuchsia, zingy yellow and tropical greens, all the way to the monochromes and of course this season’s hit, a tropical island sky blue. It looks great with the current micro-floral dresses, adds personality to white shirts and blazers, extra style to a holiday outfit, and in-vogue elegance dressed up for a party or dinner. Pearl size: 11-12mm. Bracelet: Code TP17CC04. RRP £135. CCUK £63. Necklace: Code TP18CC04. RRP £145. CCUK £67. 88