275 Instant orders:Free 48-hour delivery:Call Member Services on 020 7399 2960:More wine gadgets,countryclubuk.com Giveit aswirl The delights of drinking wine include a penchant for swirling. The boffins have been taking a look at this, and the American Chemical Society and the University of California have explored scientific bases for, among other things, swirling. According to the scien- tists, swirling definitely, scientifically improves the flavours of wine. The in- creased oxygen releases flavour compounds to ‘per- ceive and experience’, they report. This is rather good, in light of the arrival of the Vacu Vin Swirling Carafe. For starters, it looks smart and stylish, and makes an in- teresting table centrepiece. A gentle push starts it turn- ing and rolling, gently swirling the wine, and, as we now have it from science, re- leasing its depth and flavour. It really does work—which isn’t surprising as Vacu Vin do know their stuff. It is simple, yet ingenious. The handcrafted glass carafe sits on a pressed cork base, set on at an angle and cen- tred with a lazy susan mech- anism which allows the smooth rotation of the base. All of which means you can put this on your present list and be sure your favourite wine drinker will be delighted and impressed. Vacu Vin Swirling Carafe. Code SC18VV18. RRP £55 plus delivery. CCUK £33 including free UK mainland delivery.