VAR SMOKED SALMON, THE BEST, CHEMICAL FREE This is salmon as it should be, the fish served by top sushi and Michelin-star chefs. Outside their august establishments Var is not easy to find—so we jumped at the chance to source it for our Members. Var smoked salmon instantly became an all-time Members’favourite. Var salmon are raised by three brothers on a revolutionary farm in the clear, cold waters of the Faroe Is- lands, without chemicals or antibiotics, and with far more hu- mane husbandry than the usual salmon farming. It has caught the eye of some of London’s leading chefs: Michel Roux Jr, Mark Hix and John Williams of the Ritz, for example, who named it ‘the best farmed salmon I have had’. Var salmon is now featured by name on London’s top restaurant menus. Var are raised in a cleaner, less-disruptive way, mimicking the salmon’s migration against the tide, for example, fallowing the seabed by moving the sea cages, reducing the usual pollution caused by chemicals and food waste, limiting numbers, reduc- ing mortality (‘mort’) rates and stress levels—even reproducing the salmon’s natural run upriver at the end of its life. The tech- niques are high-tech, the results are clean, chemical-free, salmon you will really enjoy. Premium side of Var smoked salmon (minimum 1kg), sliced by hand (long sliced), or you can order a trimmed but unsliced side if you prefer. Code VS03SW03. CCUK £29.95. Free UK delivery. The Macon- Vergisson wine, Domaine Guerrin, is the perfect match. Case of 12 bottles. Code MV15RW04. RRP £180. CCUK £129. 284