Instant orders, call us on 020 7399 2960: More gourmet food in the Club Larder, visit WAGYU FILLET STEAK Serve wagyu fillet steak and your stock as a chef will soar. No self-respecting gourmet guest can fail to have registered that it is the best beef steak in the world—not dissimilar to foie gras. It graces the plates of top restaurants Nobu and Zuma at hefty prices, and Selfridges in London included a small slice in a sandwich—sell- ing at £85. To bring us back down to earth, Members can buy four gourmet wagyu fillet steaks, aged to perfection, for less than a Selfridge’s sandwich. The meat is wonderfully flavoured and has a melting texture: rub a little fat between your fingers, it melts like butter. We are confident that you will find this Welsh wagyu steak tastes better than any other. The steaks arrive beautifully packaged, ready to cook. Order as many, or as few, as you like. Each weighs 6oz and has a high marble score. Two x 6oz steaks. Code KF02AM01. RRP £55. CCUK £39. Four x 6oz steaks. Code KF04AM01. RRP £102. CCUK £69. Six x 6oz steaks. Code KF06AM 01. RRP £149. CCUK £97. WAGYU SIRLOIN STEAK Some people will always prefer the flavour of sirloin steak to that of fillet—and Ifor’s is sub- lime, added flavour coming from his regime of grass-feed- ing his wagyu cattle. His sirloin has been well trimmed so that there should be absolutely no waste. The minimum amount of cooking is necessary for this marbled steak—on a hot grid- dle or in a heavy-based pan. We recommend resting wagyu for at least 10 minutes after cook- ing to achieve the best tasting results. We prefer medium-rare but of course this is subjective. Two x 10oz sirloin steaks. Code SS02AM01. RRP £52. CCUK £39. Four x 10oz sirloin steaks. Code SS04AM01. RRP £95.80. CCUK £67. Six x 10oz wagyu sirloin steaks: Code SS06AM01. RRP £140. CCUK £99. TWO GOLD STARS FOR MANGALITZA GAMMON Great news—not one but two Gold Stars awarded in the Great Taste Awards for this delicious new dry-cure Mangalitza gammon made by our Rick Stein 'Food Heroes' Rachel and Jeannie at Alternative Meats. Using a traditional dry cure, they have taken the fabulously marbled Mangalitza Pork legs and created one of the best gammons we—and the judges at the Great Taste Awards, and the Michelin-Star chefs now ordering them—have ever tasted. The Mangalitza pig breed originates in Hungary and genetically it is largely wild boar, its taste is deeper and meatier than more con- ventional breeds, and it has superb fat marbling. This Mangalitza dry-cured gammon is juicy, tender and filled with rich pork flavours which are simply more delicious than others. It retains that succu- lence due to the intra-muscular marbling, and of course the fat cov- ering—no wonder the Great Taste judges and chefs love it. Cook using the traditional gammon method: boil, score the fat, stud with cloves, glaze and bake to a beautiful golden brown. It looks impressive as a centrepiece at dinner, and tastes marvellous hot and cold. Approximately 3kg. Code MG03AM01. CCUK £47.