breathtaking. As we glide through the lush, rolling countryside, be- neath majestic, snow-capped mountains and alongside shimmering deep blue lakes, we shall savour every moment. We begin our journey at London Victoria Station, arriving at the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express lounge to check-in our luggage all the way to Venice. Our first train will be another vintage experi- ence—the historic, beautifully restored 1920s British Pullman will set the scene for our ride out of London, with stunning views over the Thames and on through the Kentish countryside. On board this dedicated train will be our first Venetian cocktail of the trip—a Bellini, naturally—and our first taste of the style—crisp linen, bone china, large menus, comfortable seats and top-class service. A leisurely three-course brunch will be served—perhaps including such delights as smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and caviar among the choice of dishes—and we shall arrive at Folkestone to the wel- come of a brass band, to board our coaches for the 30-minute express ride through the Channel tunnel. Awaiting us at Calais, the train! This is the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express—the real journey begins. As the Orient-Express pulls away from Calais en route to Venice we shall have time in which to relax and let the atmosphere of this glo- rious train sink in. There’s much to marvel at, even in the cabins’ inge- nious design. A washbasin is concealed in a handsome wood cabinet. A plush daytime sofa is transformed by our cabin steward into cosy upper and lower berth beds with crisp damask sheets while we dine. The beds are then whisked away after breakfast. This magically dis- creet service is all part of the experience, as is dressing for dinner— black tie is not compulsory, but how it adds to the romance. And then there’s the famous Orient-Express Bar Car 3674 with its baby grand, Escape into a world of timeless glamour. Elegant cabins on board the Venice Simplon- Orient-Express have perfected the art of travel. Rich details, in- cluding the fabrics, the gleaming brasswork and glowing wood panelling, transport us back in time to the 1920s, when these carefully restored cabins, rich with craftsmanship, originated. 67