278 Beluga egg. So if you love Beluga caviar, or if you are planning a special occasion, try it now at our exceptional whole- sale Club prices. Fresh Beluga (huso huso) Caviar. 1kg: Code BC55WH01. RRP £6,734. CCUK £2,249. 500g: Code BC50WH01. RRP £3,367. CCUK £1,129. 250g: Code BC25WH01. RRP £1,684. CCUK £565. 100g: Code BC10 WH01. RRP £674.CCUK £229. 50g: Code BC01WH01. RRP £337. CCUK £119. 30g: Code BC 30WH01. RRP £205. CCUK £89. CALVISIUS CAVIAR Calvisius receives top rating from caviar connoisseurs. With its large, sometimes 3mm, dark grey to black eggs, the caviar is fine and particularly delicate, not unlike Beluga. It has even outdone wild caviar in a blind tasting: two chefs and a food writer put Calvisius top out of nine caviars; wild Kazakhstan Beluga and Oscietra caviar were respectively second and fourth. Calvisius caviar originates from the white sturgeon (acipenser transmontanus), reared in north- ern Italy in the world’s largest ROYAL OSCIETRA CAVIAR This fresh Oscietra Royal caviar is a refined caviar with a delicious flavour, and one of our Members’ favourite caviars. Some con- noisseurs prefer oscietra to all others for taste. Royal Oscietra Caviar from the Russian sturgeon (acipenser gueldenstadtii) is renowned for its excellent egg quality and flavour. The medium-sized grain of this caviar has a slightly nutty flavour with a mellow length that lingers beautifully on the palate. Colours may range from dark grey and dark olive green to golden brown tones. Attilus Royal Oscietra caviar is Malossol, which lit- erally means 'lightly salted', salt content being less than 4%. Royal Oscietra Fresh Caviar (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii): One tin (two if preferred) weighing a full 1kg: Code OC10 WH01. RRP £3,000. CCUK £1,290. 500g: Code OC05WH01. RRP £1,500. CCUK £679. 250g: Code OC25WG01. RRP £750. CCUK £339. 100g: Code OC 02WH01. RRP £300. CCUK £138. 50g: Code OC01WH01. RRP £150. CCUK £69. sustainable caviar farm. It is a low-salt caviar—‘malossol’, which in Russian means ‘with lit- tle salt’, making this caviar excel- lent for health. It is in all regards a most exceptional caviar. Calvisius Caviar (acipenser transmontanus): One tin (two if preferred) weighing a full 1kg: Code WS26WH01. RRP £2,300. CCUK £1,060. 500g: Code WS5 0WH01. RRP £1,150. CCUK £589. 250g: Code WS25WG01. RRP £575. CCUK £295. 100g: Code WS10WG01. RRP £230. CCUK £127. 50g: Code WC02 WG01. RRP £115. CCUK £59. CAVIAR TASTER PACK The Club caviar is all top grade and fresh. Order the one you most enjoy, or try a Club Caviar Tasting Pack to see which you and your guests prefer. Whatever the species, it must be top quality, as here. Most agree that caviar is best enjoyed on thin, dry toast with a light layer of unsalted butter, accom- panied by Champagne. It is best stored and served chilled, be- tween -2°C and -4°C but never frozen. After purchase, un- opened tins may be kept in a domestic refrigerator for sever- al weeks; once opened, it must be consumed within hours. The CountryClubuk Caviar Taster Pack includes three 30g tins of fresh Iranian Beluga, Oscietra Royal and Calvisius caviar with three mother-of- pearl spoons, and costs only £189 including next-day deliv- ery. It makes a valuable, dis- cerning gift—the value is at least £375. Code CT03WG01. RRP £375. CCUK £189. BELUGA CAVIAR If you wish to enjoy top-grade Beluga caviar from Iran, the Club has the answer. We supply Members with the best 000 grade Iranian Beluga—and the flavour and texture are sublime. The caviar is produced by one of the most famous of the old Iranian ‘Caviar Masters’, from a farm which is under the strict supervision of the supreme caviar controllers, the Shilat. This superb caviar comes only from fully mature 20-year-old Beluga sturgeon, with the Latin name huso huso. The large, steely-grey eggs have a wonder- ful soft, creamy texture and a subtle taste with a hint of wal- nut. Its thin membrane is syn- onymous with only the best caviar, and the top food empo- ria are selling this same caviar at twice if not three times the Club price. But one must be- ware. Some caviar sold as ‘Beluga’ is not Beluga at all. Genuine Beluga comes only from huso huso sturgeon, the largest of the Caspian Sea stur- geon. Some suppliers sell eggs from hybrid sturgeon as ‘Beluga’, but it is not the same. Only pure huso huso sturgeon produce Beluga, and these mighty fish mature later than other sturgeon—they must be allowed to mature, growing to 24ft long and weighing about 364lb, which takes two decades. Lesser sturgeon mature at eight years. Hence the exceptional size, flavour and price of the The sublime,sea-fresh taste of caviar is enhanced by a fine dry Champagne: the perfect match