ULTIMATE SEAFOOD COLLECTION This gourmet selection of seafood is just as ordered by the top Chefs in London and the country, and, exclusively for Members, at Chefs' wholesale prices. After much tasting and testing, our Club Tasting Panel have chosen the following top-rank, hard-to-get fish and shellfish to give Members the highest flavour, quali- ty and freshness. This fish and shellfish is not to be found in a local fishmongers —it’s only for sale to the Chefs—and will give you the ultimate seafood to impress the most gourmet of your guests. The Connoisseur Collection gives you a great choice of starters and main courses: WildArgentinian Scarlet Prawns, 2kg; King Scallops on the Half Shell, 20; Line Caught Tuna Loin, Sashi- mi Grade.Average 3kg. WildArgentinian Scarlet Prawns: Like miniature lobsters, this wild species carries a sweet, almost smoky flavour of lobster and a slight bite often missing in most prawns on the market. Our suppli- ers first brought these in for one of Lon- don’s longest lasting 2 Star Michelin Chefs, and never looked back. They are the best prawn possible and at this price, a steal. Naturally red when raw, we think they are best steamed for just a few minutes, as they really do taste like lobster: but don't overcook! 2kg box. Fresh Scallops on the Half Shell: Cases of these plump, roe-on scallops arrive daily from the Devonshire coast to our suppliers, ready for the Chefs. Fresh cut and cleaned into the half shell to or- der, this ensures superb, sweet flavour carried all the way to your kitchen. They are superb! Twenty shells per box. Fresh Tuna Loin, Sashimi Grade: 'Sashimi grade' is the highest honour that can be bestowed on a tuna, indicat- ing that it is worthy of being eaten raw. Whole line-caught fish are landed and immediately flown out, arriving into our suppliers in the shortest time possible for the freshest fish. Our suppliers pre- pare Centre-cut Sashimi Grade Loins, trimmed, so all you have to do is slice and serve as sashimi, or flash-sear, or full cook according to your preference. This is the cut that Chefs serve raw as sashimi—so if you love sashimi, or sushi, this is it—but those on the Panel who enjoy cooked tuna also say they have never had better.Average 3kg. Our Tasting Panel are confident that this collection will likely be the best you have tasted, and because you are buy- ing wholesale you save £100.All can be served right away, or frozen (the prawns arrive frozen anyway, the scallops and the tuna loin arrive fresh. Code CF18WG01. RRP £230. CCUK £129. 285