The new King’s Epicurean Tasting Experience: this is the way to savour four of the world’s finest caviars! Superb Members-only price—and four mother-of-pearl spoons


New in the gourmet larder—King’s Epicurean Tasting Experience gives the chance to savour the individual delights of the world’s finest caviar. Enjoy Beluga at the same time as the rare Golden Oscietra, alongside Oscietra, often connoisseurs’ favourite caviar, and Platinum, which is King’s best-selling caviar. Tasting the four together is an amazing and unforgettable epicurean experience, giving an immediate insight into the different qualities and flavours. It makes a wonderful gift for your favourite gourmet!
Beluga (huso huso) is of course the ultimate caviar with the largest eggs (3mm), notes of walnuts and cream and hints of both the sea and finest quality salt.
Golden Oscietra (gueldenstaedtii). Historically referred to as ‘The Shah’s Caviar’, this rare egg is rich, creamy and has a beautiful light gold colour. It is often bigger than the darker egg Oscietra.
Oscietra (gueldenstaedtii). With a beautiful dark golden/brown colour, Oscietra has a nutty, mellow taste which develops into a buttery sweetness, similar to lobster. Michelin Star Chef Tom Parker-Bowles hailed King’s Oscietra caviar, ‘The greatest “farmed” in the world.’
Platinum (gueldenstaedtii x baerii) a hybrid of the Oscietra and Siberian Sturgeons, Platinum has almost as large an egg as Beluga, a creamy taste with a hint of salted butter and hazelnut.
This Epicurean Experience can be seen in one of London’s great food emporia priced at £495 (though it is less than this direct from King’s!). But CountryClubuk Members can enjoy this epicurean feast for the exclusive advantageous price of only £219 including four mother-of-pearl caviar spoons. (All the caviars are ethically farmed—and none is from Russia!)
Total 125g of fresh King’s Caviar: Beluga 30g, Golden Oscietra 30g, Oscietra 30g, Platinum 30g. CCUK £219.

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