Prized Golden Oscietra Caviar from King’s Fine Food: best price for the superb Beluga-size eggs, rich and creamy taste, renowned as ‘The Shah’s Caviar’ (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii): save up to 35%


Golden Oscietra is a delicious connoisseur’s caviar which we are delighted to have sourced for our Members. Its large eggs are golden in colour and it has an extremely rich flavour unlike other caviar as well as a Beluga-size egg—which is why Golden Oscietra caviar is so highly prized. In years past, it was always referred to as ‘The Shah’s Caviar’.

These rare Golden Oscietra eggs originate from the oldest of the Oscietra sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii) and are sought after for their richer flavour. The eggs are large at about 3mm, not dissimilar to Beluga in size, and they have a nutty, mellow taste which develops into a buttery sweetness similar to lobster.

This exceptional caviar is carefully sourced by Laura King MBE, undoubtedly the queen of caviar in Britain. Her company, King’s Fine Food, source the very best caviar for the very best restaurants and food emporia, where even just 30g of this superb Golden Oscietra caviar costs £100.

The sturgeon are farmed in pristine conditions in Belgium and Germany. They are aged 8-10 years before their eggs are ready, and King’s DNA test their caviar to ensure its origins are genuine—not all caviar labelled ‘Golden Oscietra’ is the real thing.

This special caviar is wonderful served in traditional style with Champagne or vodka—try it and you will be in caviar heaven!

Golden Oscietra caviar (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii):

30g: RRP £71.60. CCUK £45. Save 29%.
50g: RRP £102.65. CCUK £69. Save over 30%.
125g: RRP £256.60. CCUK £153. Save over 31%.
250g: RRP £513.25. CCUK £297. Save over 33%.
500g: RRP £1026.50. CCUK £589. Save over 34%.
1kg: RRP £2,053. CCUK £1,159. Save over 35%.

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