Gourmet seafood: the amazing extra-large wild, deep-sea Carabineros Scarlet Prawns, the world’s finest: sensational flavour, size and colour: 1kg, 5-7 prawns

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If ever you and your gourmet guests want to taste the ultimate prawn, here it is: the Extra Large wild, deep-sea Carabineros, known also as scarlet prawns. They are massive, but it is also the wow factor in the flavour that sets them apart. Better than a lobster for taste sensation, serve these, and your rank as a gourmet chef will soar!
Recognised as the world’s finest prawns, their striking deep crimson colour hints at their unbeatable and intense depth of taste. Carabineros are siumply a cut above any other—and we are thrilled to be able to bring them to our Members at the chefs’ price.
Carabineros’ rich and robust flavour is quite different to that of the usual prawn. The flesh inside is fine-textured, silky, firm and juicy, with a beautiful sweet taste. Grill whole in the shell for a few minutes to experience an explosion of flavour. The head alone is packed full of taste intensity, and a delicacy prized by gourmets worldwide, who urge diners to ‘suck the head’. If not for you, make a delicious, intensely flavoured bisque instead.
These genuine Carabineros (Aristaeopsis edwardsiana, genus plesiopanaeus) are named after the red uniform worn by the Spanish guard, and indeed in Spain they are prized, as well as in France, where they are known as Crevette Imperiale. That flavour and size are achieved by feeding only on plankton and seaweed at depths of up to 1,000 metres. They are caught by small, family-run boats, flash-frozen on board to ensure they are at their best when they arrive at your door.
Clearly, Carabineros are a delicious indulgence, but the good news is that as a CountryClubuk Member you receive the chefs’ prices, so that you and your favourite gourmets will not be disappointed!
These amazing prawns are delivered by refrigerated van, therefore not all postcodes can be reached. Please check with Member Services on 020 7399 2960.
Extra Large size, 5-7 prawns per kg. Non Members £160 plus delivery. CCUK £107 delivered by refrigerated van, UK mainland (sorry, not all postcodes can be reached, please inquire on 020 7399 2960).
For the smaller size, 15-20 prawns per kilo, please see separate entry in the Club Members’ shop.

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