Fresh whole Cornish wild turbot: ‘fit for a banquet’, Rick Stein: approx 1.5kg

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Delicious wild turbot is the perfect gourmet fish to serve as a centrepiece at a celebration or dinner party—Rick Stein, who names turbot the best tasting fish in the world, regards it as one of the few fish he would serve as a main course at a banquet. The finest fish caught on the Cornish coast, turbot is seldom seen on fishmongers’ slabs in the UK. So we asked our Club fishmongers, Quayside Fish, to choose the best of the Cornish wild turbot catch especially for our Members.

The shallow, sandy waters off the Cornish coast produce turbot of incomparable pearly white flesh with a dense, slightly gelatinous yet delicate texture that slides off the bone in pleasingly silky flakes. It has a marvellous flavour, subtle and refined. The trick is to cook it gently, with a few well-chosen ingredients to enhance the taste and texture—try basting with herbs, or serving with saffron.

A whole Cornish wild turbot (approximately 1.5kg) will easily serve four. It will be gutted and ready to cook, and can be kept for up to 24 hours in the refrigerator, or frozen for up to three months.

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