Delicious Trivelli Infused White and Black Truffle Oils: 500ml: a snip at £39.50


These infused truffle oils are the best, made by the infused method which really carries the flavour of truffles. It is made by the famous Trivelli brand in Italy. Both these oils will make any dish superb, from the simplest cold meats or egg and pasta dishes, all the way up the scale to a banquet.

The White Truffle Extra Virgin Oil contains the true essence of white truffles, and the flavour and aroma remain as intense throughout time. This is a prestigious truffle oil still based in the original artisan production methods, and this White Truffle oil is as good as it can be.

The Black Winter Truffle Oil is also infused, this time from the renowned tuber melanosporum which adds an unmistakeable flavour and fragrance to every dish.

If you are a truffle oil aficionado, this is for you. If you have never tried truffle oils, this is a jolly good chance to try at the exclusive Club price.

RRP £60 plus delivery. CCUK £39. Free UK mainland delivery. 2 x 250ml bottles