The sweetest prime wild Dover Sole: 6 x 12oz whole fresh fish, ready to cook


Dover sole: golden and toasty on the outside, firm and pristine within, its flesh sweet and delicious. It is the chef’s perfect fish—and ours are chosen for members each day by the marvellous Quayside Fish, winners of the ‘Britain’s Best Fishmonger’ award.

Quayside are an artisan fishmongers in the Cornish fishing village of Porthleven, and they choose the pick of the wild catch for us—the sweetest, best Dovers weigh less than 1lb, so we will have prime 12oz fish, ideal for serving a whole fish to each guest. It boasts a delicate flavour and a firm flesh, and is the simplest fish to cook—best sautéed on the bone as it is in the best London restaurants. This simple but perfect fish makes an ideal main course for any dinner.

Quayside Fish run their business with an eye to conservation. They buy only local fish from boats which go out to sea for a day at a time—no netted fish, only line caught, and all Cornish fish, where the waters are fresh and clear. Day boats are not only the more sustainable way to fish, they provide the freshest catch (it has not been sitting on a boat at sea for a week or more).

Our Prime Dover Sole Box includes six approx 360g (12oz) whole fish, on the bone as it should be, gutted, with top skin removed ready for cooking, individually vacuum packed and sent out fresh. To cook, simply bake, grill or pan fry. Serve with your best white Burgundy! Superb!

Six 360g (12oz) whole fish, ready to cook.

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