Best price for superb must-try Platinum Caviar, with fabulous Beluga-style large egg and taste: from the UK’s top importer, King’s Fine Food: Exclusive Members’ price saving up to 27%


If you love fine caviar you will cheer when you try this new arrival at the Club—Platinum Caviar from the specialists at King’s Fine Foods (suppliers to Fortnum & Mason, Harrods, The Ritz et al). With its large egg and subtle yet intense flavour, it ranks somewhere between Beluga and Oscietra—and yet its new price through the Club is unbelievably advantageous—altogether, the perfect indulgence at the best UK price bar none!

Platinum Caviar comes from a hybrid of Oscietra (gueldenstaedtii) and Siberian (baerii) sturgeon. It is imported into London exclusively by one of the UK’s leading caviar experts, Laura King, a famous name in caviar, whose company King’s Fine Foods supplies the UK’s finest restaurants and food halls—and the Members of CountryClubuk!

The flavour of Platinum Caviar is delicious—rich, with long, nutty notes and a buttery undertone. The egg is large—again, between Beluga and Oscietra—dark grey to ebony in colour, giving a great show and having that distinctive caviar ‘pop’ when you roll it around your mouth.

It is amazingly good caviar—and this is no surprise as Laura and her leading chef husband, the late John King—whom you may recall from The Ritz, Dorchester, Connaught and Mandarin Oriental—founded the business on caviar and are the largest importers into the UK. Meticulous about quality, not only do King’s adhere to the full CITES labelling and traceability, they advise the Government on caviar and they even DNA-test their caviar. So in a world of ‘caveat emptor’, you can be sure of the genuine article.

Even at the full retail price, King’s Platinum Caviar is a steal for the quality of caviar. Our Tasting Panel are eager for our caviar-loving Members to try it for themselves—and so we have arranged for Members to enjoy it at the exclusive advantageous prices saving you up to 27%: enjoy!

King’s Fine Food Platinum Caviar.

30g: Code PC03KG01. RRP £49.45. CCUK £39 including free delivery.

50g: Code PC05KG01. RRP £75.75. CCUK £55 including free delivery.

125g: Code PC12KG01. RRP £164.40. CCUK £122 including free delivery.

250g: Code PC25KG01. RRP £328.75. CCUK £239 including free delivery.

500g: Code PC50KG01. RRP £675.50. CCUK £489 including free delivery.

1kg: Code PC01KG01. RRP £1,315. CCUK £979 including free delivery.

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