Georges Bruck Foie Gras d’Oie Entier de Strasbourg en Gelee: best price for this delicious Goose Foie Gras in a glass jar, ready to serve for an instant gourmet dish: whole goose foie gras, mi cuit, 180g, serves 4-6

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The rich, meltingly luscious taste of foie gras d’oie entier de Strasbourg en gelee is a speciality to savour, especially when the best quality goose foie gras is complemented by Madeira aspic, made by Georges Bruck of Strasbourg, who have been producing fine foie gras for a century and a half.

The whole goose foie gras is cooked, so it can be spooned from the jar and served instantly on toast or brioche.

The best quality livers have been gently cooked to perfection in Madeira wine jelly—a perfect pairing. Rich, buttery and delicate, this is the height of indulgence—a smooth, rich, creamy foie gras with the wine aspic adding a hint of rich fruit flavours.

It is perfect alone, served with French bread or brioche, or as part of a recipe. And a glass or two of Sauternes complements the delicious flavours perfectly (see the Club Cellar to order the perfect pairing).

The foie gras in its jar keeps well in the fridge, making an excellent standby for unexpected guests, and a discerning gift for your favourite foie gras lover.

Foie Gras en Gelée d’Oie Entier de Strasbourg by Georges Bruck: 180g jar, mi cuit (semi preserved, refrigerator storage). Serves 4-6 as a starter.

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