How to improve on a leg of lamb—delicious, succulent hogget from the Yorkshire hills: this traditional British roast is dry aged to create a tender, flavoursome Sunday roast: 2.5kg, bone in

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This leg of dry aged hogget from the Yorkshire hills is delicious—a bone-in roasting joint which is beautifully flavoured and tender. It’s a wonderful and traditional Sunday roast, the dry ageing creating an even better flavour than of old.

Hogget refers to a sheep aged between one and two years. The longer time spent grazing on pasture produces more developed, complex flavours, which Rick Stein ‘Food Hero’ Rachel Godwin at Alternative Meats further enhances by dry-ageing for seven to 10 day—and what a difference it makes! It loses that ‘lamby’ taste, which means it is sweeter and more to modern taste. It is also delicious eaten cold if there are leftovers.

This delicious meat can be cooked in exactly the same way as lamb, though if roasting it requires less time because of the dry ageing. It can also be slow cooked to beautiful effect. As Rachel says, ‘A perfect roast …hogget used to be Britain’s no 1 meat—and some say still should be!’

The Club Tasting Panel agree; we think it’s the Wagyu of lamb and highly recommend it to Members.

Yorkshire Hogget leg roasting joint, 2.5kg minimum. RRP £58. CCUK £49 including UK mainland delivery.

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