Great Taste Awards winning Welsh Wagyu Sirloin Steaks, Welsh Wagyu Steak Burgers and Mangalitza Pork Sausages for the finest British Gourmet Barbecue from Rick Stein Food Hero Rachel Godwin of Alternative Meats

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This new Gourmet British Barbecue hamper is the perfect way to enjoy some of the world’s finest meats—Wagyu steak and Mangalitza pork. It contains a delicious selection of award winning Wagyu sirloin steak, Wagyu burgers and Mangalitza pork sausages.

These tantalisingly mouthwatering meats are from one of Rick Stein’s Food Heroes, Rachel Godwin, of Alternative Meats in Shropshire. This new Gourmet Barbecue Box is a surefire way to win celebrity status among family and friends at your next barbecue.

Rachel’s Welsh Wagyu beef steaks and burgers are a Club favourite already. Their extraordinary succulence, melt-in-the-mouth texture and a rich, buttery, meaty and mouth-filling flavour that is not in the least fatty, ranks them as perhaps the best you will eat. They are also healthy, and gluten free. The dry aged sirloin steaks are Two Great Taste Award winners from Ifor Humphreys’ premium Wagyu herd in Wales. These cattle are those prized in Japan as ‘national treasures’—and Ifor looks after them in similar style, feeding them four pints of beer a day from the local Monty’s Brewery, accompanied by an occasional massage. He keeps them largely grass-fed apart from their daily tipple, and the result is wonderful in flavour, superb for steak—and far too good for a mere burger: we love them without the bun, just with salad and fries.

As to the Mangalitza, this is the pork equivalent of Wagyu, with a rich, deep flavour, so good it can easily spoil you for ‘normal’ pork . . . but what a treat to serve your epicurean guests! The Mangalitza, or ‘Woolly Pig’, is a rare breed with an aristocratic Hungarian pedigree as well as an unusually hairy appearance. Its kobe beef-like marbling through the gamey flesh makes it the tastiest pork imaginable. It was bred by Archduke Joseph Anton in the 1880s, and it was considered so good that initially the meat was reserved for the Hapsburg Royalty. This extraordinary pig is now farmed here in the UK by a few artisanal farmers, and is being seized on by Michelin-star chefs who want to serve pork with flavour. The pork for these sausages is from Lisa Hodgson’s 200-strong herd near Helmsley, North Yorkshire. The sausages are rustic looking, thick and chunky, and the flavour is delicious, incorporating simple spices and cracked black pepper.

The Gourmet British Barbecue Box contains: 4 x 220g Welsh Wagyu Beef Sirloin Steaks; 10 x 170g Welsh Wagyu Beef Burgers; 2 packs (8-10) Mangalitza Pork and Black Pepper Sausages, thick cut.

Total, minimum weight 3.3kg.

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