The new Welsh Wagyu beef steak burgers: mouthwateringly succulent, tender and full of flavour: made to a delicious new recipe, gluten free: 20 x 170g burgers totalling 3.4 kilos

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These new recipe Welsh Wagyu steak burgers have just arrived and they are simply delicious. Their extraordinary succulence and a rich, meaty and mouth-filling flavour that is not in the least fatty, ranks them as probably the best you will ever taste. They are also healthy, without additives, and gluten free.

The steak is from Ifor Humphreys, owner and breeder of the first pure Wagyu herd in Wales. These Wagyu cattle are those prized in Japan as ‘national treasures’—and Ifor looks after them in similar style, feeding them four pints of beer a day from the local Monty’s Brewery, accompanied by an occasional massage.

He keeps them largely grass-fed apart from their daily tipple, and the result is the ‘creme de la creme of beef’—wonderful in flavour and far too good for a mere burger. We love them with or without the bun—we made burgers with brioche buns and they were superb, and they create a meal with salad and fries: they are so good, better than many steaks.

These fine Wagyu burgers are created by Rick Stein Super Hero Rachel Godwin at Alternative Meats to a new recipe, using 100% Welsh Wagyu steak, a sprinkling of Anglesey sea salt and pepper—that’s all that is needed to reveal that gourmet taste. They are a surefire way to win celebrity status among family and friends at your next barbecue.

They arrive frozen, so you can serve a small party and keep the rest. They cook beautifully straight from the freezer, without defrosting, ready to serve in literally minutes.

Welsh Wagyu Beef Steak Burgers (20 x 170g). Retail value £58. CCUK £38 including UK mainland delivery.

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