Top-notch Serrano Gran Reserva Ham from purebred Duroc pigs: with traditional wooden carving stand and carving knife: delicious ham, best UK price

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The famous cured, air-dried Spanish ham, Jamón Serrano is not only delicious it is one of the most easily prepared party or lunch dishes, it makes a spectacular centrepiece—and we have the pure-bred Duroc Serrano Gran Reserva ham at a superb El Snippo price for our Members, together with a wooden carving stand and ham knife to make carving a simple matter.

This is traditional and mouthwateringly flavoursom ham produced exclusively from the white Duroc pig (cheaper hams are from mixed breeds). The pigs are raised in the mountains of Galicia, and the hams are cured for a minimum of 14 months to develop their depth of flavour. Bright red in colour, with a creamy texture and a sweet, unmistakable taste, the pure-bred Duroc breed has superior marbling, and it is this marbling which enables our supplier, the famous Torre de Núñez of Galicia, to reduce the salt in the curing process, making the flavour sweeter and more mellow than most.

This delicious ham is best enjoyed simply in thin slices with fresh bread and perhaps a drizzle of olive oil. It goes beautifully with fresh asparagus, melon or pears, Manchego cheese and olives, and lifts the flavours of cooked dishes such as scallops, white fish including sea bass and cod, chicken, vegetables, paella or pasta—and of course it tastes wonderful with an Oloroso sherry.

This is an amazingly good price for a top-notch ham, and it arrives in a smart presentation box, making a very agreeable gift.

Whole Jamon Serrano Gran Reserva on the bone, 7kg minimum, with wooden carving stand and ham knife in a smart presentation pack.

RRP £185. CCUK Members £107 including UK mainland delivery.

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