Mangalitza Pork Loin Joint: The Wagyu of Pork, the most delicious, succulent and flavoursome we will ever taste: it makes us happy to eat pork again: 2kg Joint

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Here is the Kobe or Wagyu beef of pork joints, probably the finest flavoured pork we will ever eat—and it comes from an aristocrat among pigs, with a phenomenal rich, deep flavour, so good it will spoil you for ‘normal’ pork—what a treat to serve your epicurean guests!

It is from the Mangalitza, or ‘Woolly Pig’, a rare breed with an aristocratic Hungarian pedigree. Its Kobe-like marbling through the gamey flesh makes it the tastiest pork imaginable. It was bred by Archduke Joseph Anton in the 1880s, and considered so good that it was reserved for Habsburg Royalty. As the Empire dissolved and tastes changed, the breed was brought almost to extinction.

But Mangalitza pork is justifiably undergoing a revival, as realisation dawns that ‘good fat’ (the meat has up to 16% less saturated fatty acids and up to 10% more unsaturated fatty acids than standard white pork) is better for health, and this is where real flavour lies.

We have this wonderful pork in the Club Larder now thanks to that Rick Stein ‘Food Hero’ Rachel Godwin and her team at Alternative Meats, who discovered that Lisa Hodgson has a 200-strong herd near Duncomb Park Estate, Helmsley, North Yorkshire. Lisa’s diligent care keeps these woolly pigs happy and healthy, achieving an exquisite flavour, so we are delighted to have arranged for Members to enjoy this delicious pork since the Habsburgs!

The chosen joint is a loin of 2kg, as pictured, just before it entered the oven and came out to the acclaim of the entire Club Tasting Panel! It made the most exceptional crackling and full-flavoured pork imaginable, not forgetting sublime roast potatoes.

Mangalitza Pork Loin Joint, 2kg. RRP £72. CCUK £52 including UK mainland delivery.

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