Delicious Whole Duck Foie Gras Terrine with Pepper and Champagne by Rougie: 500g, a snip at £45 delivered


Rougie’s Foie Gras with Peppers and Champagne terrine is a perfect delight.

The foie gras is matured in Champagne with two aromatic types of pepper—Sarawak is pepper which originates in the heart of Malaysia, and Maniguette, or Guinea Pepper, was discovered on the western coast of Africa, along the edges of the Gulf of Guinea.

The combination is very fine, and this delicious terrine is not only delicious it is beautifully presented in a gold box, making a wonderful gift for your favourite lover of fine food and foie gras.

Weight 500g. RRP £88. CCUK £45. Free UK mainland delivery.

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