Mangalitza Dry Cure Gammon 3kg Joint: Two Gold Stars winner in the Great Taste Awards

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Great news—not one but two Gold Stars awarded in the Great Taste Awards for this delicious dry-cure Mangalitza gammon made by our Rick Stein ‘Food Hero Rachel at Alternative Meats. Using a traditional dry cure, they have taken the fabulously marbled Mangalitza Pork legs and created one of the best gammons we—and the judges at the Great Taste Awards, and the Michelin-Star chefs now ordering them—have ever tasted.

The Mangalitza pig breed originates in Hungary and genetically it has a high proportion of wild boar (as well as a characteristically curly coat). Therefore its taste is deeper and meatier than more conventional breeds, and it has superb fat marbling. Rachel’s Mangalitza dry-cured gammon is juicy, tender and filled with rich pork flavours which are simply more delicious than others. It retains that succulence due to the amazing intra-muscular marbling, and of course the fat covering is delicious.

Cook using the traditional gammon method: boil, score the fat into diamonds, stud with cloves, then glaze to taste—pictured, it’s with wholegrain mustard and honey—then bake to a beautiful golden brown. It looks impressive as the centrepiece at a dinner, lunch or party, and tastes marvellous both hot and cold.

Great Taste Awards Two Gold Star Award Winning Mangalitza Dry Cured Gammon, approx 3kg.

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