The best sushi-grade Atlantic salmon, fresh whole Var Salmon: Two sides filleted from 4kg whole fish


Unless you have a salmon fisher in the family, Var salmon will be the most delicious you have tasted in years. It is the next best thing to wild Atlantic salmon in flavour and texture, the nearest farmed salmon can ever get to wild or ‘free range’—and you can taste it. This is salmon as it should be, the fish served by top sushi and Michelin-star chefs. Outside their august establishments Var is not easy to find—so we jumped at the chance to source some for our Members, particularly as the Var smoked salmon we supply is an all-time favourite with our Members, some of whom will now eat no other.

And because this salmon is sushi grade, you can slice the belly for sashimi and sushi if you wish, serve whole as a supreme centrepiece at your next dinner, or slice, enjoy it fresh and freeze some for later: again, it will be the best you have tried—so different to the usual farmed fish. Var salmon will make you proud to serve salmon again.

The really good news is that after a pause in supply we can once again source this great salmon for our Members, either whole fish or as fillets. For details, please read on . . .

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