Young wild grouse, just arrived from the Yorkshire moors: delicious, tender, fresh birds, naturally organic: box of eight, New York dressed and oven ready: early close


This season has closed early. Roll on August 12 2023!

The wild grouse are arriving now from the Yorkshire moors, destined for the finest restaurants—and our Members. They are delicious, full of flavour, tender and succulent—and we are delighted that our Members can again share this wild harvest. And you have an advantageous price otherwise available only to the leading chefs. This means you can snap up eight of these delicious wild young grouse, beautifully New York dressed and oven-ready, for only £98 delivered.

No bird is finer flavoured, easier to cook, nor higher in the oneupmanship stakes (fostering the belief that either we own a grouse moor or shoot on one—and even that can’t guarantee you will eat any more than a brace). Your grouse will be delivered to your door in time for your next special dinner. And you do not need to wait for a large party—they are fresh, so you can keep them refrigerated for a while longer or freeze for later.

The diet of the grouse being largely heather, the flavour is rich and unique—an unmissable gourmet dining experience. They are truly wild and naturally organic, no medication administered at any time in their lives, which makes them the best meat you can buy for health. If you already love grouse you won’t be able to wait for them to be delivered—and if you have never tried them, now is the time!

Our birds arrive direct from the Yorkshire moorland estate, hung and prepared ‘New York style’ with head, feet and wings on. They are in perfect condition, just as the chefs demand, and large enough to give each guest a generous meal. Just remove the feathered parts and roast in a hot oven for 15 minutes or so, rest for another 15 minutes and enjoy with your favourite people and a good bottle of Burgundy. Or give the birds as a gift to your favourite grouse guzzler!

Eight whole wild grouse, plucked, New York dressed and oven ready.

RRP £136. CCUK £77. Includes UK mainland delivery (not all postcodes are reachable as this is a chilled van delivery—Member Services will be pleased to advise, call us on 020 7399 2960).

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