The Christmas bird: a delicious, succulent, full-flavoured golden goose, ‘the best in England’, from the multi-award-winning specialists, Brisbourne of Shropshire


Many of the great chefs are champions of serving a golden goose at
 Christmas, from Jamie Oliver and Rick Stein to Gordon Ramsay, Nigel Slater
 and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, who says, ‘It really knocks the stuffing
out of turkey!’ We agree, goose is great—and there is no better goose in
 England than the plump, succulent Brisbourne free-range goose. The meat is
succulent—equivalent to the dark meat on a turkey—and far superior in taste;
so if your family prefers chicken leg and crispy skin to breast, you will be
 applauded to the rafters for serving goose!
The Brisbourne family farm in Shropshire, and have been producing these 
wonderful birds for more than 30 years. They rear them from day-old goslings
 hatched in May, reaching full maturity on home-grown wheat, potatoes and a
 specially prepared ration without the use of growth promoters or additives.
 If you drive past the Brisbourne’s family farm you can watch these handsome
 birds grazing in flocks in the lush green pastures—white on green—a splendid
 sight. All they need is a goose girl to complete the picture!
The geese are finished using traditional methods too. Each December the
 birds are dry plucked then hung in a chilled environment for up to 10 days
 to produce their succulent rich flavour and texture. All the geese are
 dressed by hand and prepared oven-ready. All you have to do is roast the 
bird. It does not dry out—and the fat will of course produce the most
 delicious roast potatoes.
Our free-range goose is 5-6kg (11-13lb), and it will be beautifully tender
as well as well-flavoured. Goose is also good for you: the lowest incidence 
of heart disease is the goose-rearing area of France, far lower than even 
the olive oil regions. Weights are approximate, around 5.5kg (12lb). Serves six to eight.
Non Members £102.50. CCUK £79 including free UK mainland delivery.

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