Succulent, tender, mouthwateringly delicious whole fresh Suckling Pig: oven ready, head and feet on, minimum 9kg: currently unavailable


Here is a great chance to serve suckling pig again—that deliciously flavoured, succulent, almost melting meat with its crispy skin, roasted to a deep gold. It is one of the best pork roasts you and your guests will ever taste, and roasting it is easy.

They come from Rick Stein food hero Rachel of Alternative Meats and weigh some 9kg, easily serving 10/12 guests for a celebration feast (they are not to be confused with the very small Spanish or European versions).

These whole suckling pigs are delicious when slow roasted, the pre-scored skin producing that crisp, golden crackling, the meat succulent, sweet and tender. And after you have enjoyed the celebration, the pork is also delicious cold the following day.

Whole Suckling Pig, oven ready (head and feet still on). Length 25in (60cm).

For the whole pig, head and feet off, see separate entry in the Club Larder, code SP01AM01.

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