Succulent, tender aged beef striploin roasts and steaks at chefs’ prices: 7-9kg delivered direct to your door: currently unavailable

£280.00 £169.00

Here are the tender, juicy steaks and roasts the top chefs serve, but without spending a fortune. They are aged beef striploin sirloin joints and steaks, available to you at the low prices restaurants pay. This is a fantastic, limited-time deal which gives you two large sirloin roasting joints ready to roast or slice into sirloin steaks as thick or thin as you like, or serve as a combination of both.

Striploin is of course that famous New York sirloin cut, from the short loin, luscious, tender and packed with flavour. This striploin is boned and trimmed of just the right amount of fat to retain flavour and moisture. The most elegant, tender, easy-to-cook sirloin steaks and roasts are cut from the striploin and there is no waste. The company behind these steaks waxes lyrical about them (for details, read on!).

This quality of beef costs up to £40 per kilo in shops—so from £280 to £360 for this weight—yet for our Members the price is just £169 for a minimum 7 kilos (and it can be up to 9kg).

RRP £280 to £360. CCUK £169. Free UK mainland delivery.

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